Jul 25, 2001

View From The Lottery Machine

Route 924 - Hazleton, PA
I work third shift at a gas station off of Interstate 81 in Hazleton.  It's not easy to stare at those cupcakes all night long without eating them.

Jul 16, 2001

The Master Of The Figure Four

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Gathering Of The Juggalos - Toledo, OH
Despite the wad of cash that is clearly visible in the former Intercontinental Champion's left hand, I didn't have to pay for this photo.  He's selling t-shirts and other merch, but I've had just enough cash to cover the hotel, food and gas with about $25 to spare, so I couldn't afford anything.  Despite this, Mr. Valentine was super cool and took a picture with me.

Jul 15, 2001

Happy Birthday, Governor

Jesse "The Body" Ventura
USA Weekend (1999)
The former WWF Superstar and current governor of Minnesota turns 50 today.

Jul 13, 2001

Much Clown Love

At the Hampton Inn ready to head to The Gathering.

Jul 12, 2001

On The Road To The Gathering

Gathering of the Juggalos
Seagate Convention Center - Toledo, OH
July 13 - 15, 2001
Driving from Hazleton to Toledo.

Jul 2, 2001

Mom Mom and Pop Pop

I spent some time at Mom's house over the weekend.

  • Left: Pop Pop taking a break from working on the van while Mom Mom looks down and my cousin Nicholas sits on his lap.
  • Center: Pop Pop and my cousin Jessica.
  • Right: Mom Mom tending to my mother's plants.