Jun 30, 2014

Have You Played With Your Breakfast Today

Denny's has partnered with Atari to release breakfast-themed remixes of Asteroids, Breakout and Centipede.  I hope that someone finds a way to put these onto cartridges that can play in a real console.

Jun 14, 2014

Crowning A New Philadelphia Hit King

Jimmy Rollins and Mike Schmidt
Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA
Leading off in the bottom of the 5th, Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins hit a single to right field off of Cubs starter Edwin Jackson.  It was the 2,235th hit of his career, which moved him past Mike Schmidt to become the Phillies all time hits leader.

J-Roll would go on to steal second and score on a Domonic Brown home run in the Phillies 7-4 victory over the Cubs.