Dec 28, 2008

Where A Cube Can Be A Cube

Rubik's Cube
Chuck-E-Cheese (1982)
A Rubik's Cube featuring the animatronic characters from Chuck-E-Cheese restaurants were offered to customers of the arcade/restaurant in the early 80's.

According to this commercial which was shared by the Animation Among Us channel on YouTube, these Rubik's Cube toys were offered to customers for 99 cents if they purchased a large pizza.  I collect different variations of the iconic 80's toy, so I'm hoping to find one of these someday soon.

Dec 27, 2008

My Buddy And Me

Little Sammy has been quite a cuddlebug over the holidays.

Dec 26, 2008

Sweet Stocking Stuffer

This box of yummy Phillies cookies was given to me as a Christmas present.

Dec 25, 2008

Dec 24, 2008

Puppy Present

Sammy loves his Christmas present, but he had a difficult time carrying it through the doorway.

Dec 23, 2008

Christmas Gifts For The Crapper

One of my grandmother's friends gave this to her for Christmas.  It's a roll of toilet paper dipped in wax, with a cloth ribbon with a seashell glued to it tied in a bow.  I am quite disturbed by this.

Dec 11, 2008

A Christmas Cockapoo

Little Sammy is lounging on the recliner in his Santa hat.

Dec 10, 2008

If Marilyn Monroe Owned A PSP

Sony Playstation Portable advertisement
TBWA Madrid (2008)
This scan of a Sony PSP ad was recently shared by The Arab Aquarius.  I haven't come across it in a gaming magazine, and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it if I had.  The idea is that she's so fascinated by game that she is completely oblivious to the gust of air coming up from the subway grating.

Dec 3, 2008

Santa Wears DX Boxers

WWF Shopzone
Fall 1998

Dec 2, 2008

Their Treasure Wasn't Gold... It Was Gift Cards

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull gift card
K-Mart (2008)
I've come to accept that I'm the only person in the world who actually enjoyed this movie, so the commemorative collectibles have been pretty easy to come by.

Dec 1, 2008

Bring Back Peace To Hyrule

Zelda II: The Adventures Of Link
Nintendo (1988)
The sequel to the NES classic The Legend Of Zelda was released in North America twenty years ago today.  It's not a bad game, but it's one of my least favorite in the franchise.  Whether you love it, hate it, or are in-between, you can't deny that the artwork in the instruction booklet is pretty awesome!

I think my favorite is the drawing of Link using magic in the top right corner.