Jan 21, 2001

Cross Face Chicken Wings

WWF New York
Times Square - New York, NY
We had dinner at WWF New York.  I picked the chicken wings instead of the cheesesteak because it comes in a collectible WWF bucket that they let you keep.  They really missed a golden opportunity to call them the "Cross Face Chicken Wings".

The place is pretty cool.  They're promoting the heck out of Chyna and the XFL.  There were tons of copies of Chyna's Playboy for sale, as well as footballs, pennants, shirts and everything else you can think of with the XFL and team logos.  I was tempted to pick up a New York Hitmen shirt, but they're pretty expensive.

Chyna was there at the time, but I didn't get to meet her.  I think she was having dinner with a fan, but I can't say for sure.  She was at a table and there was a camera crew filming her and her guests.  As cool as it would have been to meet her, there was no way I was even going to try to barge in.  I did, however, get to take a lot of dorky pictures, including one next to this giant "Stone Cold" Steve Austin collage on the wall.

I had to take one last dorky picture to show the fact that the men' bathroom door has a "Jabronis" sign.  At least it doesn't say Roody Poo Candy Asses.