Jul 22, 2003

2003 Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos
Nelson Ledges Quarry Park - Garrettsville, OH
We made it home from the fourth annual Gathering Of The Juggalos.  It's been a hell of a week of food, friends, pro wrestling and music, and I'm absolutely exhausted.  I'll write more and share some pics and video soon, but for right now, here is the ticket medallion.  You have to love the fact that they spelled the name of the city wrong (it's Garrettsville, with two t's).

I'm hoping to get a list of wrestling matches and a setlist for all of the concerts, but until then, here is a list of the artists who performed.  V-Sinizter (the winner of the 2002 Gathering Of The Juggalos MC contest) performed on Thursday night.  Jumpsteady, Dope, Esham The Unholy and Dark Lotus performed on Friday night.  Zug Izland, Vanilla Ice, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Twiztid performed on Saturday night.  Finally, Kottonmouth Kings, Killah Priest, Bushwick Bill, Anybody Killa and the Insane Clown Posse performed on Sunday night.