Dec 1, 2005

One Last Holiday Season To Overeat

There's a couple of things I need to say about this photo.

1. My girlfriend wanted to take a photo of me standing next to the Christmas tree.  It's not a particularly large tree, but it's still a Christmas tree, so I expected it to be significantly larger than me.  It wasn't, and I felt very self-conscious standing next to an object that's supposed to be large when I am both taller and wider.

2. I now weigh 303 pounds.  For a 25 year old guy with a family history of diabetes that goes back at least three consecutive generations, this is not good.  I've never been over 300 pounds before, but I love food and I tend to eat more when I'm depressed.  This just kind of snuck up on me.

3. It's too difficult to start a diet during the holidays, but I tend to do well when I set a goal with a defined starting point.  With that being said, as of New Year's Day, I am starting a diet.  No more recreational eating - just breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an appropriate amount of food for each.  No liquor, no beer, no soda - just water and coffee without sugar.

4. I promise, I'm not as mean or angry as I look in this photo.  I just think I look dumb when I smile.  Yes, I know I look dumb anyway, but trust me, it's worse when I'm smiling.