Jun 15, 2007

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Antiques & Collectibles
Schuylkill Mall - Frackville, PA
This is my absolute favorite store.  It's located in the former Hess Department Store anchor at the Schuylkill Mall, and it's feels like walking through eBay.  The store is divided up into about 75 separate vendors, each of which have merchandise set up on tables and shelves.  The people who are selling this merchandise aren't manning their stations like a flea market.  Instead, their items are tagged with stickers that identify which vendor they came from, which allows you to push a shopping cart through the place and pay for everything all at once at the same cash register.

Dad, Grandma and I took a trip there earlier today, and I managed to take a few photos of some of the items available for sale.  I could probably have taken a thousand pictures and still not come close to fully documenting this place, but the staff here is a little touchy about cameras, so I had to be a little careful about who was around when I took out the camera.  Still, this is a decent cross section of the kinds of things you'll find when shopping at Black Diamond.