Jun 1, 2007

The Cow's A-Peeing

The Fountains
Schuylkill Mall - Frackville, PA
There are a few fountains throughout the Schuylkill Mall.  They look cool and sound pleasant when you take a seat near them, but I love them because of a funny thing that happened in childhood.  I don't remember this, but my dad told me a story about he and my mother bringing me to the mall during the holiday season when I was very young.  The fountains were decorated for Christmas, and one of them had a statue of a reindeer.  From the perspective of a toddler, I suppose the reindeer looked like a cow, and the water spraying out of the fountain looked like it was peeing.  Naturally, I had to point this observation out to my parents, so I shouted very loudly in a crowded mall: "Look Dad.  The cow's a-peeing!"  Dad tried not to laugh and to quiet me down, but instead of taking the hint, I tried even harder to show my dad what I saw: "No, really Dad, look!  The cow's a-peeing!".