Jun 7, 2007

A Full Irish Breakfast

The Trinity - Irish Pub and Carvery
The Pier Shops at Caesar's - Atlantic City, NJ
We found this beautiful pub on the third floor at the Pier Shops.  They serve breakfast all day, so I ordered the Irish Breakfast.  It came with eggs, potatoes, black pudding and white pudding.  Black pudding is basically fried blood and it was very tasty - a bit like scrapple.  White pudding is mostly animal fats and doesn't have blood.  It was alright, but I liked the black pudding much more.

The atmosphere really is incredible and worth visiting.  Our waitress told us that all of the wood and materials used in the pub are from an old pub in Ireland that was disassembled, shipped to New Jersey and reassembled piece by piece.  Before we left, she offered to take this photo of us in front of one of the walls.