Jun 24, 2008

The Match That Didn't Happen

ECW World Championship Match preview
WWE.com (2007)
This match was scheduled to take place this time last year at the WWE Vengeance: Night Of Champions pay-per-view.  It didn't happen as a result of the Chris Benoit murder/suicide.  Benoit wrestled for over 20 years and he worked a style that was particularly abusive to his head.  An autopsy revealed that Benoit had severe CTE and damage to his brain stem and all four lobes of his brain.  This damage was so severe that his brain resembled that of an 85 year old Alzheimer's patient.  It has been speculated by doctors and other experts in the field that the severity of his brain damage was enough to cause dementia, which may have been behind this horrible tragedy.

I hope that World Wrestling Entertainment and the industry work harder to protect the health and well-being of the performers.  No diving headbutt or chair shot is important enough to put a human being's health and safety at risk.  It can never be known for sure if brain damage was the sole cause of the violent behavior that led to the death of three people, but it's something that must be taken seriously.  Things cannot continue as they've always been.