Apr 2, 2010

Movie Rental Memories

Blowout Video
Airport Road - Hazleton, PA
The news of Hollywood Video closing reminded me of the Blowout Video rental store that was inside the Wal-Mart in Hazleton.  I worked there for a bit in 1999 while I was recovering from a car accident.  The store changed from Blowout Video to Movie Gallery while I was still working there, and our stock at the time was entirely VHS tapes and games for Playstation and Nintendo 64.  It closed sometime in the mid 2000's.

It was a great summer job.  We got unlimited free rentals, and we had a pretty impressive collection of horror and science fiction, so I got to catch up on a lot of movies that I've always wanted to see.  We were also allowed to put a movie on the televisions that hung in the top corners of the store (the old CRT boxes of the late 90's).  The only rule was that I couldn't show a movie that had profanity or nudity.  The Wedding Singer was one of my go-to selections, and I got really good at knowing exactly when to hit mute during Adam Sandler's rendition of "Somebody Kill Me".