May 11, 2010


Mountain Dew (2010)
There are three new flavors of Mountain Dew which are part of a promotion called Dewmocracy.  Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite flavor, with the winning flavor being chosen as the next permanent flavor of Mountain Dew.  I tried all three of them and these are my thoughts.

The first one that I tried is called Distortion, which is meant to be "lime blasted Dew".  I guess it does sort of have a lime aftertaste, but it didn't really taste too much different from regular Mountain Dew.  It's not bad, but I doubt that anyone will miss this when its gone assuming that it loses the vote (which I suspect that it will).

The next one that I had is called Typhoon, which is a "punch of Tropical Dew".  This one definitely tasted different from regular Mountain Dew.  As the copy on the label suggests, it had a flavor that reminded me of fruit punch, as if you were at a fast food soda fountain and mixed Hawaiian Punch with Mountain Dew.  This one gets my vote.

White Out is my least favorite of the three Dewmocracy flavors.  The label says that it's a "smooth citrus Dew", but it kind of just tasted like a generic store brand version of Sprite or 7-Up.  It's not terrible, but if this flavor appeals to you, you might as well save yourself some money and just get Twist Up from Wal-Mart.

If I'm being completely honest, none of these three flavors really blew me away.  Typhoon was the only one that struck me as being significantly different from the existing lemon-lime sodas on the market, but even that one wasn't amazing or anything - it was just the best of the three.