Sep 17, 2012

A Splendid Sweatshirt

Babe Ruth Sweatshirt ad
Grant's Merchandise (1932)
If you were a boy between the ages of 10-18 in 1932, you could win a Babe Ruth autographed baseball from your local Grant's store.  All you had to do was get an entry blank and write out why you love "this splendid shirt" in 20 words or less.  If you won the baseball, you would be entered into a second contest to win an all expenses paid trip to Babe Ruth's private box at the 1932 World Series, in which Ruth's Yankees swept the Chicago Cubs.  If you stayed in town for Game 3, you would have been in attendance to see Ruth's mythical "called shot".

If you were older than 18, younger than 10, a girl, or if you couldn't think of something nice to say about a 50 cent sweatshirt, you were out of luck.