Sep 2, 2013

The National Baseball Hall Of Fame

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
Cooperstown, NY
I've wanted to visit Cooperstown since I was six years old.  The entire city is heaven for baseball fans, and the centerpiece, of course, is the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I must have taken a million photos, and I could have taken a million more, but my digital camera isn't great, especially in low light settings.  Here are some photos of the museum and some of my favorite player plaques from when they were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This is the front entrance of the museum.  You can see these doors in the middle of the postcard at the top.
This plaque is on the outside of the building.
I took this from a window inside the museum.  It started raining so I didn't get to read what the plaque says.
This is the hallway in the middle of the plaques for the players who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.
The entrance to the section where the first inductees of the Hall of Fame are honored.
The first players to be inducted into the Hall of Fame: Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner and Walter Johnson.

Phillies Hall of Famers Richie Ashburn (left) and Jim Bunning (right).  Negro Leagues Hall of Famer Leon Day (center).

The rest of the photos are plaques of players who have spent some or all of their career with the Phillies, and a few others who are my favorite non-Phillies to ever play the game:

Mike Schmidt (3B)
Steve Carlton (LHP)
Chuck Klein (OF)
Joe Morgan (2B)
Ferguson Jenkins (RHP)
Pat Gillick (general manager)
Nolan Ryan (RHP)
Rickey Henderson (OF)
Hank Aaron (OF)
Jackie Robinson (OF)
Willie Mays (OF)
Joe DiMaggio (OF)
Cool Papa Bell (OF)
Yogi Berra (C)
Bill Veeck... as in Wreck (team owner)