Dec 29, 2014

The World's Most Famous Cornershop

Fortnum & Mason
Westminster - London, UK
This store has been in business since 1707 and has held the Royal Warrant for groceries and provisions since 1955, and it must be seen to be believed.  It's very posh and very large with six floors of merchandise that ranges from ordinary to exotic.  You could easily spend a few hours wandering around, looking at all of the beautiful displays and unusual foods.

A lot of the items here are quite pricey, but there's plenty of things here that are no more expensive than a store like Wegmans in the United States.  We found a nice set of crocks filled with salt, pepper and herbs, some nice chocolate and coffee, a Christmas ornament and box of Christmas crackers.

Speaking of Christmas, the store is still decked for the holidays with trees, wreaths and other seasonal decorations.  The place was jammed and I didn't want to disturb the other shoppers, so I was only able to get a few photos, but I was able to get one of the Christmas tree by the spiral staircase.