Dec 25, 2014

Our London Christmas Adventure

Christmas Day Walk In London with Peter Berthoud
Piccadilly Circus - London, UK
I'm exhausted and I can't feel my legs, but this may have been the best Christmas of my life.  Peter and Lindsey were incredible and made this a truly memorable day that I'll never forget.  We started off from the London Eye at 5:30 am and walked through the empty streets of London for nearly twelve hours.  Lindsey took this photo of the group at Piccadilly Circus not long after we set out.  Peter is in the center, to the immediate left of the reindeer.

This was the route that we walked.  Peter measured it out to be 11 miles long, but one of the folks in our group had a step counter that showed that we actually walked 14 miles.  I'll post a lot more photos when I get back home.