Oct 8, 2015

A Night Of Firsts

1915 World Series Game One
Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies
Baker Bowl - Philadelphia, PA
October 8, 1915
One hundred years ago today, the Boston Red Sox faced the Philadelphia Phillies in Game One of the World Series.  Phillies ace Grover Cleveland Alexander wasn't his dominant self, but he and the Phillies held the Sox scoreless through 7 innings and went on to win the game 3 - 1.

The Phillies were founded in 1883, and this was their very first appearance in the World Series.  It was also their first victory in a World Series game in franchise history.  It was the only game they would win in the 1915 Fall Classic.  They wouldn't make it to the World Series again for another 35 years, and they wouldn't win another World Series game until 1980 - 75 years and a few days after this night.

Although the Phillies first ever win in a World Series game is a huge part of the history of my favorite team, this game was memorable for another reason, although I doubt anyone watching the game knew it at the time.  A 20 year old rookie came into the game for the Red Sox as a pinch hitter in the top of the 9th.  It was a slightly odd move because the kid was a pitcher, but he was known to be a reliable bat.  He hit a sacrifice fly to advance the runner, and the next batter flied out to end the game.  It would be his only appearance in the 1915 World Series, but it was the first of many for a young kid who would go on to become perhaps the most known and beloved athlete in the history of the world.  This was the first World Series appearance of Babe Ruth.