Mar 14, 2016

Self Cooking Eggs

This is one of the more unusual grocery items I've bought and eaten.  It's a microwave meal that doesn't need a microwave.  The meal is in the sealed tray on the left.  To heat it, you open the tube of salt water and pour it in the tray on the packet that says "do not eat".  This sets off a chemical reaction that damn near boils the water.  Put the food tray on top of it and it heats the food in about five minutes.

When I saw the box, I didn't expect that it would heat it up much, but this thing got steaming hot - too hot to eat without blowing on it.  The eggs and the corned beef hash aren't going to win any culinary awards, but they were edible, and the product definitely lives up to the promise of being a self-heating meal.