Feb 20, 2017

Indoor Swimming At The Space Station

Eluvium (2007)
One of my favorite albums of all time turns 10 years old today.  I first discovered it about two years after it was released.  I was in my junior year Wilkes University at the time, and I listened to it almost everyday for the next two years.  It started out as the first twelve tracks on an instrumental playlist on my iPod that I listened to in the library when I was studying or working on a project.  Before long, I found myself listening to it between classes, in the car, and when I laid down to rest at night.

It's difficult to describe, so I'm just going to go ahead and share the playlist and let you listen to it for yourself.  It's a hauntingly beautiful and other-worldly collection of music that makes me feel like I'm drifting away to a more peaceful place.