Mar 17, 2017

Southpaw Regional Wrestling - February 1987

This may be the most brilliant pro wrestling material that I have ever witnessed.  I need a Lethal Leap Year t-shirt!

See if you can identify all of the wrestlers (click here for the answers):
  • Lance Catamaran 
  • Chett Chetterfield
  • Clint Bobski
  • Champion Chip Henderson
  • Tex Ferguson
  • Chad 2 Badd
  • Big Bartholomew
  • Christian Joy
  • Mr. Mackelroy (Banker)
  • The Sea Creature
  • Impressive Pelvis Wesley
  • La Barba Grande
  • Surf Dudes With Attitudes
  • Referee Chip Henderson
  • Ric Flair Paid Impersonator