Jun 1, 2017

A Beacon Of Hope and Corned Beef

Reuben sandwich
The Beacon Diner - Tamaqua, PA
There's something about roadside diners that makes me feel very happy and at peace.  If I ever hit Powerball, I'm buying an RV and taking the world's longest road trip to visit every ballpark and diner I can find.  If I'm lucky enough to find myself in that situation, I suspect a lot of the food I'd be having at these diners is a reuben.

Most of the time that I'm in Tamaqua, it's because of the Hometown Farmers Market, and I eat so much while I'm there that I'm not hungry enough to stop at the Beacon.  I have to make it a point to eat a little less because this really is a beautiful little diner, and the food is outstanding.