Jan 20, 2018

Carlos & Mickey's

Carlos & Mickey's
1310 Magruder St - El Paso, TX
I've eaten a lot of good food in my time in Texas, but this takes the cake.  The restaurant has an incredibly cool atmosphere with beautiful architecture, fountains, statues and a mariachi band traveling throughout the dining rooms.  I had a Texas sized peach margarita that was the size of a fishbowl, and the Revolution combination dinner, which included carnitas, a tamale, a cheese chile relleno, a beef taco and a cheese enchilada with a side of beans, spanish rice and guacamole.

This was followed up by a stop at a sports pub called Brew, then to Bowl El Paso.  Somewhere in between, we drove past this old Blockbuster Video that hasn't been converted to another store yet.

I'm not sure exactly where this was because I was pretty drunk by this point in the night.  Thankfully, I wasn't driving, and I managed to get up to my hotel room without falling down.