Jan 23, 2018

Double Dipped Wings On A Train

Track One
Robert E. Lee Road - El Paso, TX
On a recommendation from the class, Kenny and I checked out this restaurant that is built out of a train.  It was definitely worth the trip.  It's an interesting place that is built out of three remodeled railroad cars: a 1920 Vintage Southern Pacific dining car, a caboose, and a reefer boxcar.

I ordered a Moscow Mule and was immediately asked for my drivers licence, but they didn't want it to prove my age.  They wanted it so they could hold it hostage until I gave back the copper mug after I finished my drink so I didn't run off with it.

These are Spanky's Spud Chips.  They're basically thick potato slices which are deep fried and topped with bacon, cheese and seasoning, and they're served with a side of sour cream and guacamole.

This is what I was told that I should order here: Track One Double Dipped Wings.  They're dipped in pure honey and hot sauce, which are a perfect combination.  They're messy as hell, but they may have been the tastiest wings I've ever eaten.

I hope that I get back here before I leave.