Apr 19, 2018

A Different Kind Of Solo Cup

Solo collectors cups
Denny's (2018)
They're really going all out at Denny's with this cross promotion with Solo: A Star Wars Story.  They're selling Topps trading cards from the movie for three bucks a pack.  You can also get one of four collectors cups with a Millennium Falcon lid.

I didn't get the cards, but I couldn't resist having my lemonade in a Chewbacca cup.  I mean, come on!  Who could resist bringing this bad boy home?

They also have Star Wars inspired meals available for a limited time.  Most of them were breakfast foods, like the Lighspeed Slam, the Co-Reactor Pancakes, and the Two Moons Skillet.  They did have one Star Wars cheeseburger called the Blaster Fire Burger.  It's topped with Chipotle Gouda cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions and a spicy Ghost pepper sauce.  It was tempting, but the Bourbon Bacon Burger looked too good to pass up.