Apr 2, 2018

The Last Days Of A Toy Empire

Toys R Us
Kidder Street - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Late last month, I stopped by Toys R Us one last time to walk around, take in the atmosphere, and see if there were any last minute bargains to be had.  They still had plenty of stock, and I was tempted to buy one of the store displays (they're selling everything - even the shelves), but I didn't make a purchase.

The Easter signs were a little strange.  It was if they were put up in an attempt to go on with business as usual.  However, even if they weren't surrounded by reminders that the chain is closing, they're still a bit odd.  For example, the Easter signs seem aggressively generic.  They don't feature any Toys R Us logo or merchandise.  You could probably hang these up outside of any other store and they would blend in with their Easter marketing with little effort.

The signage on the inside is far from subtle, with constant reminders that the store is going out of business and everything is on sale at discount prices.

I guarantee that this Nintendo Switch going to end up in somebody's game room.  I was tempted to make an offer, but I have no room in my house for something like this.  Also, if I was going to rearrange everything for the sake of a store display, I would go after one of the old NES displays from Kay Bee.

Well, yeah, I guess it would be pretty hard to return merchandise to an empty storefront.