Jun 28, 2018

Have You Been To Zayre's Today

Zayre's commercial for Atari 2600 (1983)
When I was growing up, Zayre's was one of the anchor stores in my local mall.  The chain of stores was sold to Ames

This is technically a commercial for the store, but it sure feels like it's for Atari.  It begins with a mother and son looking through a store flyer.  For some reason, they used a photo of an Atari 400 computer in the ad, but it's labeled as the 2600.  They rush to the store and walk past about a hundred ColecoVision consoles only to find someone walking off with the last Atari 2600.  However, the kid is in luck.  A store employee is on his way with an armload of seven Vader consoles.  Why he didn't bring them out in a shopping cart, I don't know, but the kid yoinks one off of the top of the pile before heading home to play Defender with Dad.