Jul 27, 2018

A Little Snack

Chicken Little sandwiches
Kentucky Fried Chicken - Hazleton, PA
My grandfather used to take me up to Kentucky Fried Chicken for Chicken Littles when I was a kid.  Back then, they were 39 cents each, so we could get a big bag of them to bring home.  Today, they're nearly six times as expensive and they come in four flavors: original, Georgia Gold, Smoky Mountain Barbecue and Nashville Hot.  My favorite of the four is the Georgia Gold, which is made with a honey mustard sauce and pickles.  It sounds odd, but it's very good.

This is a concept that could make millions for many years to come if they capitalize on it.  They could come out with dozens of different regional and seasonal flavors to add to the menu.  Some could be available nationwide while others are like the Shamrock Shake and drive traffic into the store for a limited time at a certain time of year.  There's so many different ways to serve chicken that they could keep this going for years if they wanted to, and with a creative ad campaign, it would be almost guaranteed to be a hit.

One last bit of KFC news.  They recently remodeled the dining room at the restaurant in Hazleton.  They played up the red and white color scheme, and they've redone the main lighting fixture on the ceiling.  I'm not sure if they were going for this, but it looks like a UFO is abducting the world's largest bucket of KFC straight off of the dinner table.  Hmm.. I wonder if the Colonel is an alien.