Aug 25, 2018

Heads Up

Heads Up! Baseball Stars
Topps (1990)
Knoebels Amusement Resort - Roaring Creek Arcade
There are two arcades at Knoebels, both of which have a prize counter where you can redeem tickets won playing Skee Ball and many other games.  Between the two buildings, there has got to be over a thousand different things you can win.  The Knoebel family prides themselves on not wasting anything.  It's a principle that I admire and respect, and it sometimes results in finding a prize in the arcade that has been sitting there since my childhood.  Such was the case for these.

Topps Heads Up! Baseball Stars are a unique series that I believe were only issued in 1990.  It's a series of 24 player heads, each of which have a suction cup and double sided tape so that kids can hang them wherever they want.  Each head is about six inches tall by four and a half inches wide.

When I mentioned to the woman at the counter that these had been at Knoebels since I was nine years old, she shrugged and said that no one ever wanted them before.  They were only 50 tickets per package - not much higher than the bouncy balls and mini-Slinky toys, so after about a half hour of Pokerino, we had enough tickets to bring home six out of the seven that they had (and the box they came in).  I could have gotten the seventh one too, but I figured that if it's been sitting in their prize window for the past 28 years, it's become part of the ambiance of the Roaring Creek Arcade, so I left it behind to be discovered by someone else.
No Phillies in the set, but they found room for Craig Worthington?