Sep 5, 2018

Wildwood Posters

Movie Posters
Wildwood, NJ (1989)
The gift shops and prizes on the Wildwood boardwalk were a snapshot of whatever was culturally relevant over the summer.  If pop culture was an Olympic event, the bronze medal in 1989 would have gone to Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.  Ghostbusters 2 would have won the silver medal, and the runaway gold medal would have gone to Batman.

Batman was everywhere in 1989.  The movie, the trading cards, the toys, the Prince song that seemed to play on MTV nonstop, and of course, the Wildwood boardwalk which had posters, water bottles, keychains and every other piece of merchandise you could imagine.

This photo is of a gift shop in the boardwalk.  Hanging on the window with the boogie boards is the Michael Keaton Batman poster (left) and the Ghostbusters 2 movie poster (right).