Dec 11, 2018

Nintendo At The End Of The 80's

Nintendo sales flyer (1989)
KayBee Toys
When I was a little kid, I almost never went to Toys R Us, but my dad and my grandparents frequently brought me to KayBee.  The one I remember best was in the Schuylkill Mall in Frackville, but I know I've been to several others.

I don't care what new games come out or how good they are, nothing has ever compared to the feeling I had playing the NES back in the 80's.  The NES Max controller in the bottom left was my favorite when I was a kid.  As an adult, I'm not sure why.  Maybe my hands are just too big for it these days.  I know that I also had Dragon Warrior and Castlevania 2.  At some point in my life, I also had Faxanadu, Blaster Master and Ninja Gaiden, but I didn't have those when they were new.  I think I may have found them at a flea market sometime in the 90's.