Dec 31, 2018

The Roq Of The 80's

KROQ 106.7 FM
Top 106 Of 1983 Countdown
On December 31, 1983, a dude named Brian used four Memorex dBS 120 cassettes to record the K-ROQ year end countdown.  He edited out all of the commercials and a lot of the DJ talk, but there's enough of Jed The Fish and the other hosts to give you a taste of the iconic radio station out of Pasadena that played a huge role in the alternative rock and new wave scene.

Crap From The Past uploaded the entire countdown to, and it has quickly become my favorite playlist.  It has introduced me to a lot of great songs that I may not have found if not for this recording.  Click the play button under the KROQ logo, close your eyes, and travel 35 years in the past and listen to some incredible music.