May 4, 2019

Grindhouse Star Wars

War Of The Stars
The Man Behind The Mask
This is one of the most entertaining fan edits I've ever seen.  It presents Star Wars: A New Hope as a 70's grindhouse flick, and it does so using filters, deleted scenes, a gratuitous amount of blood and a number of interesting music choices, including Neil Young playing the Mos Eisley Cantina and Carrie Fisher belting out the song from the end of the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Additionally, R2D2 has been given subtitles, and Darth Vader has been recast as a psychopath with glowing red eyes and substantially new dialogue with James Earl Jones lines dropped in from other films.  The end result is a very different story from the Star Wars we know and love, and it's definitely worth watching.

You can read a more thorough review from Make Mine Criterion and check out a preview on YouTube.  The complete film can be downloaded from (click the link and type "War Of The Stars" in the search bar).  Enjoy, and May the 4th be with you.