Aug 11, 2019

Applesauce!! Applesauce!!

Wheel Of Fortune
ShareData Inc. (1987)
Retroist recently shared this photo of the old Wheel Of Fortune game running on a Tandy 1000 at the Living Computers museum in Seattle.  Seeing it brought back a pleasant memory of my maternal grandmother.

When I was six years old, Mom Mom had a Tandy in her home office with three games on floppy disk: Shanghai, Police Quest and Wheel of Fortune.  We played all three of them frequently when I went over to their house, but Wheel of Fortune was the one that we played the most.  There are two things that I remember best about this game.

  1. Vanna White took forever to cross the stage and reveal the letters (check out this video of the game in action).
  2. When you solved the puzzle, the bottom of the screen would read "Applause!!  Applause!!"  The first time I saw this at six years old, I read it out loud as "Applesauce!!  Applesauce!!"  Through her chuckles, Mom Mom corrected me, and I still remember it 33 years later.  Who says video games can't be educational?