Nov 5, 2019

Treasure From The Past

Candy Aisle Shelves
Woolworth (1953)
I love this photograph.  The center shelf has multiple boxes of Topps baseball cards on display.  To the left of the baseball cards are Wings - a series of Topps trading cards that featured military planes from around the world.  I can't tell what all of the products are around the cards, but there's Bazooka gum to the left, and the bottom shelf has a selection of chocolate bars, including Mars, Oh Henry, Clark and something called Tangos that I never heard of.

Topps baseball cards were selling for a nickel a pack back then.  These days, an unopened pack would sell for thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.  In fact, someone has an empty box on eBay right now for almost $2,500.  No cards or even empty wrappers - just the cardboard box that the packs sat in at the store.