Dec 17, 2019

European Robot Invasion

Transformers and Robo Machines (mid 80's)
At first glance, this looks like it's a photograph from an American toy store in the 1980's.  It definitely is from the 80's, but this photo was taken in Europe - most likely in the UK.  The Transformers toys were sold all over the world, but the Robo Machine toy line was known as GoBots in the States.  You can see a Robo Machine: Armure Battle Suit in the bottom left corner, and a Robo Machine: Wrist Rocket Launcher toward the center on the left.  I wasn't able to find an American version of the Battle Suit toy, but the Wrist Rocket Launcher was definitely one of the GoBots toys.

The Go Bots Wrist Rocket Launcher (US) and the Robo Machine Armure Battle Suit (Europe)