Jan 28, 2020

Pizza Pinball

Domino's Spectacular Pinball Adventure
Spooky Pinball, LLC (2016)
The Nintendork shared photos of this awesome pinball machine on Twitter.  It seems to be geared toward people who work for the company with score goals that allow the player to work their way up through the ranks of driver, manager, franchisee and gold franny, which is an award that the corporate office gives to their most successful restaurant owners.

This table was designed by Adam Gacek and includes pizza slicer inlanes and The Noid operating the old pizza crusher from the 80's ad campaign.  Scott Gullicks did the artwork for the backglass and the playfield.  It's very colorful and is loaded with Domino's Pizza cartoons, including an employee holding pizza boxes above the flippers.  Maybe it's just me, but he appears to have a bigger set of boobs than I'm accustomed to seeing from the average pizza guy, and that smile is truly scary.