Feb 15, 2020

Take It To The Bank

The Pines Eatery and Spirits
Hayden Tower - Hazleton, PA
This restaurant opened late in 2014 by the DeAngelo family.  It's in the first and second floors of Hayden Tower at the old Markle Banking and Trust.  The ceiling is original from when the building was constructed in 1910, and the bar is built in front of the old bank vault, which the restaurant uses as its wine cellar.

We went for dinner, but I'm definitely going to come back to try some other things from the lunch menu.  They have a collection of specialty hamburgers which are named after historical Hazleton businesses and buildings.  They also purchased the Knotty Pine barbecue and rice pudding recipes.  I had the latter for dessert today.  For dinner, I had a caprese martini, which included a mozzarella ball, basil and a tomato, and broiled scallops with a baked potato.  Everything was delicious.