Feb 9, 2020

A Cruise Through The 80's

NEPA Big 80's
Wilkes-Barre, PA (1988)
This home video was shared by mmm671 on YouTube and it's a true walk down memory lane for anyone who grew up in or around Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in the 80's.  Even if you aren't from this area, it's a genuine glimpse of life in the 80's that's sure to take you back in time.

A few friends took their camcorder out when they hung out with their friends back in 1988.  They start out going to the K-Mart on Blackman Street.  That location closed their doors for the last time earlier this month.  After K-Mart, they drive up Mundy Street to the Wyoming Valley Mall in the years before Sam's Club, Wegmans and Mohegan Sun Arena.  Highland Park Blvd hadn't even been built yet.  The footage in the mall moves pretty fast (try to remember the size of a video camcorder back in the 80's), but it's remarkably clear considering how old it is.  You can see Walden, Pomeroy's, Wall To Wall Listening Booth, Gallery Of Sound and The Orange Bowl pizza parlor.  The camera makes a brief stop at Denny's on the way to Public Square.  They stop for a soda at Orloski's and then head over the Market Street Bridge.

Keep your eyes peeled for the 80's hair and fashion, pay phones, Camel cigarette ads, glass soda bottles (including VeryFine Juice and Grape Crush) and guest cameos from Quiet Riot and Robin Williams (star of Good Morning Vietnam) while Simple Minds play in the background.