Jun 13, 2020

Wake Me When It's Baseball Season

GamePro Magazine (June 1990)
With team owners holding Major League Baseball hostage as they try to exploit the pandemic to cheat the players out of their guaranteed contracts (and don't let anyone tell you differently), fans are left to get their baseball fix in other ways, such as RBI Baseball and Baseball Simulator 1.000 on the NES.  If you want to truly immerse yourself in the moment, you can go to RetroMags.com and read through old game magazines.  There's no ads (other than the vintage ones in the magazines themselves).  Visitors are welcome (not pressured) to donate, but the entire archive is free to download, including this June 1990 GamePro with a 15 page write up on the hottest baseball games on the NES from 30 years ago.

It may not be the same as going to a Phillies game, but it's better than watching a billionaire steal money from the players while expecting them to risk their health and their careers for entitled "fans" who call them "greedy" for expecting to be paid for their labor.