Aug 23, 2020

If You Screen It, They Will Come

Field Of Dreams (1989)
Coca-Cola Park - Allentown, PA
It may not have been exactly what I had in mind over the winter, but I did get to see baseball at the ballpark in 2020.  The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are hosting movie nights throughout the month of August.  Last night, they were screening my favorite baseball movie of all time (Major League is a close second).

Tickets are $15 bucks, and they come with admission to the ballpark, a hot dog, a drink, a box of popcorn and an ice cream snack.  Some fans watched the film from their table in the right field food court or from one of the seats at the ballpark.  However, you are welcome to bring a blanket and relax on the outfield grass, which is exactly what I did.  It's a pretty magical experience to have been able to watch Field Of Dreams on a warm summer night while laying in shallow right field, just behind second base.