Aug 9, 2020

The Phandemic Krew

All photos from @PhandemicThe on Twitter.

The Phandemic Krew
Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA
Today was supposed to be my last Phillies game of the season.  I sprung for Hall of Fame Club tickets, and the plan was to take my dad down to the ballpark, have a cheesesteak and some beers, and enjoy the ballgame.  It was Alumni Day and there was going to be a celebration of the first Phillies World Series Championship team.  I watched the 1980 World Series as a three month old sitting on my father's lap in State College forty years ago, and I was looking forward to a father/son moment of seeing those same players from the 1980 team take the field and be recognized.  I'm kind of a sap like that.

Instead, the damn plague had to strike and kill hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, people are at each other's throats over anything and everything, and just to rub salt in the wound, our bullpen has been a total disaster!  Yeah, 2020 has been quite a year, but it hasn't been all bad.  Every once in a while, something amazing and organic comes together, and you just can't help but to smile in the face of all the chaos.  That "something" at this moment is The Phandemic Krew.

Fans aren't allowed in the ballpark, but for every home game, an ever increasing group of fans have been meeting at the corner 10th & Phillies Way at the gates outside of Ashburn Alley to cheer on our Philadelphia Phillies.  Membership in The Phandemic Krew is simple... just show up.

I really wish I could show up.  I've been feeling kind of crappy for the past week or so, and a three hour drive down the turnpike and being around other people is probably not the greatest idea, even if everyone is wearing masks and keeping socially distant.  However, I can say that seeing the Krew rise up and get in the heads of Aaron Boone has done my heart good.  When the manager of the New York Yankees whines to the umpire that his players are at a competitive disadvantage because of a handful of fans on the street outside the park, it says something.  Philadelphia is hands down the greatest fanbase in Major League Baseball.

They've got signs...
They've got shirts...
They've got air horns hooked up to car batteries to support the Phils and drive the opposing team crazy...
And when the airhorn isn't loud enough, they've got a drum line!
They've got ladders and drinks, and hand sanitizer, and face masks.
They've got fans on bikes pulling signs in support of our catcher...
And they chant "Sign J.T. so loudly that you can hear them on the television broadcast... from OUTSIDE the ballpark.
Last, but not least, they're making headlines (source: ABC Action News)

Above all else, they're shaking up the status quo and giving Philadelphia something fun at a time when the world could really use as many reasons to smile as we can get.

Thank you, Phandemic Krew.  I hope to join you sometime before the season is over.