Sep 7, 2020

Say Your Prayers And Eat Your Hulkaroni

Hulk Hogan's Pastamania
The Mall of America - Bloomington, MN (1995)
In addition to his wrestling career, Hulk Hogan had a number of side projects, one of which opened in The Mall Of America on Labor Day Weekend 25 years ago.  Hulk Hogan's Pastamania was a food court restaurant that sold various pasta meals for lunch and dinner.  Despite the heavy promotion it received from the WCW World Heavyweight Champion on the first episode of Monday Nitro, Hulk Hogan's Pastamania closed after less than a year.

The menu prices seem pretty reasonable overall, but $1.25 to add a meatball seems a little steep for 1995.  You have to love the kids meal options "for little pastamaniacs", which include Hulkios and Hulkaroni & Cheese.