Mar 11, 2021

The King Has Disappointing Buns

Sourdough King
Burger King (2021)
This is proof that I will literally buy anything if a fast food company labels it as "for a limited time".  In my life, there have been times when I was dead tired and didn't want to move, and if we were having hamburgers or hot dogs for dinner, I would still drag myself out to the store to buy a pack of buns so that I didn't have to eat it on plain bread.  I have no idea why I feel so strongly about this.  Logically, I know it would be perfectly fine, but something in my brain tells me that I can't eat a burger or a hot dog using two slices of bread instead of a bun.  However, Burger King comes along and says "hey fattie, for a limited time, we're making bacon cheeseburgers on plain old bread" and there I am at the drive thru like a lab rat smacking his face against the button for a food pellet.

It's just what I thought it would be - a bacon double cheeseburger with bread in place of the bun.  Go ahead and call it sourdough if you want to, but it's tastes like plain old regular bread.

It wasn't bad, but good lord, Burger King.  You guys are making one pound monstrosity burgers over in Japan right now, and all we get is fancy Wonderbread?  Come on, stop torturing me!

They did have pretty cool looking Cheesy Tots though.  I'd love to tell you how they are, but the friendly neighborhood Burger King drive thru forgot to put them in my bag.  Better luck next time, lab rat.