Jun 21, 2021

Were You Invited?

Were You Invited?
Seward Johnson (2001)
This is one of the most impressive art displays I have ever seen.  The sculptor has brought to life elements of the 1881 Renoir painting Luncheon Of The Boating Party and displayed it beside a lake.  The use of color on everything, from the characters to the furniture to the food and drinks on the tables is amazing.  It really feels like you're walking through a painting.

I'm lousy at taking panoramic photos, but I did my best to try to capture the full display from several different angles.

This work isn't an exact replica of the painting.  For example, the sculptor who created this piece (Seward Johnson) added himself to one of the tables.  Here he is, holding one hand up and clenching his fist.

The detail is extraordinary, isn't it?  It's as if the painting and its characters came to life and froze in position.  Each of the people represented in both the painting and the sculpture are based on real people.  Here is a guide to who each of them were.

I know that I say this a lot, but the photos really don't do this place justice.  An adult ticket to enter Grounds For Sculpture is only $18 bucks, and it is more than worth both your time and money to experience such a beautiful place.