Dec 4, 2021

Punk Rock Gingerbread Soda

Mountain Dew: Gingerbread Snap'd
PepsiCo (2021)
This year, the limited edition Christmas trend at the grocery store seems to be gingerbread.  The first of them that I tried is a Mountain Dew gingerbread soda.  I'm not a big fan of gingerbread, but this was pretty good.  It sort of tastes like a citrus ginger ale.

More importantly, it has the best soda mascot I've seen since Spot had his own Sega Genesis game.

Look at that bad ass son-of-a-bitch with the green mohawk giving the People's Eyebrow with a snowball in each hand.  Nevermind a Sega Genesis game, this punk rock gingerbread man should have his own Christmas special on prime time.

That bastard with the eyepatch is pretty awesome too.  Looks like the dude on the left is going to get his little gingerbread head knocked off.

The Gingerbread Snap'd soda is sold in a 12 pack box of cans and 20 oz. bottles.  It may come in other sizes too, but these were the only ones I found at the grocery store.  It's no Pepsi Holiday Spice, but it's definitely worth trying.