Oct 11, 2022

Four Good Sports And A Princess Named Zelda

CES Press Kit
Nintendo (1987)
Author Martin Lindell shares a lot of incredible images from video game history on Twitter.  He shared a page out of Nintendo's brochure from the 1987 Consumer Electronics Show a few days ago which includes early box art for The Legend Of Zelda and Punch Out that never made it to stores.

When the brochure was being put together, NES games were released in black boxes with sprites from the game at the top and an insignia in the bottom left hand corner that identified the game's genre.  Volleyball, Slalom and Pro Wrestling were all released with box art that matches what was advertised in the CES brochure, but The Legend Of Zelda and Punch Out wouldn't hit store shelves in the United States until later in the year after the "black box" templates were retired and Mike Tyson's likeness was secured for the release of Punch Out.