Feb 8, 2023

A Pine Trio Of Cleaners

Pine Action coupon circular
Lysol (1983)
When my wife and I want to put something on tv just to have a familiar noise in the background, we play a CBS Tuesday Night Movie recording of Caddyshack that aired forty years ago tonight.

The Baltimore Sun  (February 8, 1983)
The recording has all of the original commercials, and one of them that shows up before the opening credits of the movie is for Lysol Pine Action, featuring three little tree sponges that sing about how good of a job they do cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing your home.  I'm not sure how we got started singing along with the trees, but it's something we do pretty much every time we see the tape, and rarely does a week go by where we don't make a dorky reference to each other about cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing.

Here is the commercial from the tape.  Just try to resist these adorable little singing trees!