Mar 23, 2023

The Art Of The Hot Dog

Jimmy's Quick Lunch
Doug Brown
There's quite a bit of artwork on the walls of this 85 year old icon of downtown Hazleton.  I'm not sure when this watercolor was painted, but if I had to guess, I'd say that it was sometime in the mid 2000's because I remember that the Support Our Troops sign was put in the front window during the Second Gulf War.  If you stop by the restaurant, they will sell you a nice print of this work for ten dollars.

Jimmy's Quick Lunch
Nicolene Fulton
There were no prints of this painting available, but it's still a very nice work that I wanted to share.  It was painted in the mid 90's.  The red candle decoration on the light post to the right of the Jimmy's Quick Lunch sign suggest that this was painted in November or December, as these decorations are hung during the Christmas season in downtown Hazleton.