Mar 5, 2023

The Strangest Trade In Baseball History

Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich
New York Yankees (1973)
There have been some pretty weird trades in the history of baseball.  Some have been lop-sided.  Some have changed the course of a franchise or have been cited as the reason for a curse.  Some players have even been traded for themselves.  But there has been no stranger trade ever been made in baseball, or in any other sport, than the arrangement made between these two left handed pitchers for the New York Yankees.

Fifty years ago today, Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich announced to the media that over the previous summer, the two men traded lives with each other.

New York Daily News  (March 6, 1973)

Fritz PetersonMarilyn PetersonMike Kekich and Susanne Kekich decided as a group that the two men would literally replace one another in each other's lives.  Fritz and Marilyn divorced, as did Mike and Suzanne, after which point Fritz got together with Suzanne and Mike started a relationship with Marilyn.  However, this arrangement wasn't limited to a simple wife swap; Fritz and Mike traded wives, children, homes, cars, and even their pets.

The relationship between Mike and Marilyn didn't last.  In fact, it was over before the announcement of this arrangement was ever made public, but Fritz and Suzanne got married and are still together to this day, over fifty years later.

New York Daily News  (March 6, 1973)