May 30, 2023

I Still See Falling Blocks In My Dreams

Apple TV (2023)
I finally had the opportunity to watch the Tetris movie over Memorial Day Weekend, and it's a lot better than I expected it to be.  The film takes a lot of creative liberties with what actually happened, complete with a car chase to the airport through downtown Moscow, but it's a fun experience that tells the story of how my favorite game of all time made it out of the Soviet Union and around the world.  My only complaint about the movie is that it's locked behind the Apple TV streaming service, which really has no good reason to exist.  If you have the opportunity to watch this movie without signing up for yet another monthly subscription service, I highly recommend it.

Speaking of things that probably shouldn't exist, "E-Sports" has its own official energy drink called G Fuel, and one of their video game inspired flavors is Tetris Blast.  It has a fruit punch flavor that I think is supposed to remind you of Skittles, but it tastes more like Little Hug Fruit Barrels.  It's not bad, but the best thing about it is the Tetris graphics on the can.